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Google Search Engine Optimization Expert in MUMBAI since lat 12 year. More than 150 Clients.

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Google Search Engine Optimization Expert since lat 12 year. More than 150 Clients.

“900,000,000 people in the world access the internet. 92% of these query search engines” and “85% of internet users use search engines to find the sites they want”

Your website maybe very attractive and you must have received compliments from those who have seen it but, more importantly, is the rest of the world seeing your website? You can have the most eye catching website in the world but if your prospective customers from around the world cannot find your website and give you business, your online objectives would not be achieved.

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Optimizing Existing Pages: We will optimize any 2 of your existing web pages. We know many search engine’s unique personality and how to build TOP-ranking pages each without spamming abusing the index.

Submitting To Major Search Engines and 300 Search Engines: We will submit your site to the following most important 12 search engines along with 300 others: 1) Google 2) Yahoo 3) AltaVista 4) Lycos5) AOL NetFind 6) Fast 7) Alltheweb 8) Scrubtheweb 9) MSN 10) Entireweb 11) ICQSearch 12)Excite ^Top

We submit your site to all search engines. A complete list will be provided by E-Mail. This will take 1-2 months duration for listing on search engines and 15-30 days to check the rankings after any changes are made.

Scheduling & Re-optimizing: We will check your web site’s positions a number of times depending upon the plan you purchase. You’ll know immediately if a site stays on TOP, falls in rank, or falls out of the index altogether. This allows us to release a new optimized page or re-optimize an existing one before traffic start dropping. ^Top

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Search Engine Optimization

What drives visitors to your website and keeps them there?

Attract Those Target Visitors

The first part of the process is getting visitors to your site through search engine promotion and other traditional marketing methods. As you increase your visibility, more visitors will come to see what the commotion is all about.

Keep Those Visitors

The second part of the process is keeping them there. If you provide quality information that is easy to access, you are giving the visitor what they are looking for. Don't give your visitors a reason to click away. Quality content means happy
visitors, and with enough happy visitors, you become an "authority" on your topic. Having a site recognized as an authority means good ranking in the search engines. ^Top

Who is Your Audience?

So how do you get your visitors to stay on your site, and to return to it? First, you need to understand your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Create your pages with them in mind. Do you want to reach a narrow audience, or will you try to reach all levels of readers? Buzz words may make sense to you in your business, but will they reach your target audience? If you are a high-powered underwater basket weaving consultant, focused only on serious underwater basket weavers, you can keep the discussion on your site fairly technical. If, however, you really want to spread the joy of underwater basket weaving to a wider audience, you may want to keep the tone more general, giving newcomers to underwater basket weaving the information they need to become as enthralled by basket weaving as you are. ^Top

Content is Pioneer. Good Content means Good Rank

Good content is pioneer to search engine submission and search engine optimization website promotion success. All the bells and whistles in the world will not hold an audience like compelling information. Ask yourself: Why would a visitor stay at my website? What are they looking for? What do I have that they need? What holds them there once I've got them visiting? You have to tell your story in a way that will keep your visitors interested and coming back for more. ^Top

Get Your Visitors Involved

Articles on Search Engine Submission and Optimization

So what kind of content do you need to provide for your visitors? If you have a site selling gardening books, you will have lists of the titles you have for sale, an order form, and contact information. Everybody else selling gardening books will have these pages too. How do you rise above the crowd? How do you stand out as the definitive gardening book website? ^Top

Offerings and proposals to customers

What else can you add to this mix? Think about adding professional gardening book reviews, a gardening book club, FAQ's about gardening, gardening articles, a rating system for books, audience book reviews, and other gardening-related topics. Adding this type of information gives your visitors more reasons to keep coming back to your site. Offer free tools, create a forum. Set up a newsletter for your audience with your topic, adding in a discount for your product for newsletter readers. Give your audience a reason to come back to your website. ^Top